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Nov 15, 2006
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woody paige is leaving 1st and 10, i for one am a fan of him and will miss him. he didnt do a very good job sportswise but i always found him entertaining.
Do I need to start wearing a black armband?
hopefully he is replaced by a freshly paroled career criminal. i'd like to see baylis work with someone like that.

or they could just cancel it.
I couldn't stand hearing those two JOURNALISTS talking as if they knew all about everything in the world of sports and saying it at a decible level that is just obsurd. I know they are supposed to "discuss" a subject and take opposite sides (or at least it seemed that way), but I think they just nullified each other and there was never a real constructive solution to any of their debates. You come out of it right where you started.
Unfourtantly, being a sports analyst, his job was to analyze sports. So while he may have been mildly amusing, he completely sucked at his job.

LMAO. Heh. :spit:

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