Worst 10 Plays in Saints History (1 Viewer)


Apr 16, 2010
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Lakeview, New Orleans
I saw on some other thread someone had a Top 10 Best Plays in Saints History.

What would be the worst?

Here's some.....

Mike Lansford's kick to knock the Saints out of the playoffs (1983).

The Falcons "Big Ben" Hail Mary play (was it 1979?).

Russell Erxleben trying to make a tackle on a punt return (Jets? I forget the year).

Tim Couch Hail Mary pass for Browns first-ever win (1999).

John Carney misses the XP after that Stanford-Cal type kickoff return by the Saints (2002? 2003?).

Vikings Hail Mary pass at the end of the 2nd quarter, 1987 Saints 1st playoff game.

Aaron Brooks throwing the ball backwards against San Diego (early 2000's).

Earl Campbell pulling his hamstring and getting the ball poked out of his hands in the open field after a 50+ yard run against Atlanta (1986).

Steve Walsh faking like he had spiked the ball when the ball was snapped over his shoulder and he made no attempt to recover it (1990? 1991?)

Any play where Heath Shuler was the Saints quarterback (1997)

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