Would a start at 0-8 justify a Sean Payton Firing ? (1 Viewer)


Sep 6, 2014
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Bad luck and and Terrible bets have dethroned us as Contenders , all the way down to possibly an 0-10 start.


I see 0-10 coming a mile away.

The easiest game on our schedule coming up is at San Francisco , Who I'm sure would find a way to become all of the sudden Juggernaught like when we step on the field with them.

Next up is the Lions and Rams at home , and that's about all that I see us realistically being able to win against.

I know our Luck with Injuries has been unfavorable for lack of a better term , and I know our luck on free agents has been even worse. But does Sean Payton get a pass on all of this ?

Am I over exaggerating or is this an actual possibility.

Should we hit the 0-10 mark , that would've made nearly an entire season of not winning 1 game , meaningful or non meaningful ...


Aug 13, 2011
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We're going to win at least a couple of those games. We're the type of team that could be a trap game for a playoff bound team.

Analyze This

increase after a decline
Nov 12, 2007
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SD and SF are the only games we have a chance to squeeze out a W. 0-10 is a possibility and I find it hard to believe that one of the highest paid coaches in the league is 100% safe after that type of job performance.


Sep 15, 2009
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Knowing how things tend to go, the Saints are about to rip off 4 straight and then they'll lose to SanFran to fall to 4-4. I've seen this movie so many times it makes my heart hurt.


Every team's Elixor
Dec 16, 2004
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It's impossible to fire him.

Just forget about it. He still has 4 years/28 million left on his deal after this season. The only way he leaves is if we work with another team and Payton to mutually find a place he wants to go and that wants to take on his contract.

And that will not happen mid-season. Zero chance.


Oct 22, 2014
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Coach Payton is not the problem. Our problem is a lack of depth that has really hurt us with injuries we could not afford to have happen now. We are in the process of rebuilding/retooling and are not far away from putting together a very solid team top to bottom. We have gotten rid of a lot of players causing us to have no cap room while having to throw some young guys in the fire. This all changes going into next season when our cap hell ends. We should get a nice draft pick and just hitting on our 1st and 2nd rounder along with the young guys we have now developing will be huge. Then we can go out and hit FA hard where we can really turn this team around. Adding a stud OG and DE in FA while filling in some holes with solid vets along with a solid draft will IMO gives us one of the more complete Saints teams we have had in the Payton/Loomis era.

Payton and Loomis have made some mistakes and right now we are seeing the worst part of it. Sometimes things have to hit rock bottom before they can get better and that's where we are. It looks much worse then it is with our record but the big picture looks better then it has ever been. Just be patient who dats because we have something special coming for the next few seasons. I'm fully confident Brees will have everything he needs on both sides of the ball to compete for championships over his last 3-5 years.

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