WOuld you take the 10,000 million dollars (1 Viewer)


Oct 28, 2006
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or SB tickets with saints playin the colts?
10000 million dollars then buy the saints and turn them into the most dominant dynasty in NFL history

Uh, would I take 10 billion dollars or Super Bowl tickets?


I mean really
Honesty is the best policy.... 10,000 million dollars is alot of money (hhaha 10000000000 thats 10 BILLION dollars). Does this mean that I can't use my money to buy SB tickets? I'm sure you could get some for much less than 10 billion. I would just buy the Saints from Benson!!
I would give a LOT for the Saints to win the Superbowl.

But there is a breaking point at which the money is worth more, I guess. 10,000 million dollars is certainly beyond the breaking point.

I'd take the 10,000 million dollars.
I'd take the $10 billion and buy myself some nice calf and pecs implants....and watch the Super Bowl on a really big screen TV, surrounded by naked supermodels.
This is cracking me up. "Fun with a typo" at its best.
lol my bad just realize i put ten thousand instead of million lol
This is easy. Take the money. The other will happen on it's own anyways.
I don't know if I want to see Peyton against our team anymore.

The money, and watch the game on my brand new 1,000" plasma T.V.
I would take the tickets and sell them on ebay.

100,000,000 thousand dollars is just too much.
I'd take the $10 Billion and use $9 Billion to make sure we didn't have to play Peyton in the SB.
Okay, here's a question. Let me think of the most family-friendly way to say it-

Would you exchange never being able to do that thing that adult lovers do with each other again for being at the game and the Saints win the SuperBowl??

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