Wow. Secularists fighting back in Ankara (1 Viewer)


Aug 15, 2000
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da boyah

Turkey is one of the most interesting studies in the Islamic umbrella. You have to appreciate the show of force by thousands who showed up to chant and defend former Prime Minster Ecevit. The battle for Islam will eventually be fought in places like Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and the more moderate states. Whether they can fend off the fundamentalist religious zealots as they have been unable to do in other parts of pan-Arabia and Persia remains to be seen.

But this is very interesting. We know the Turkish street has some sympathy for the Islamists. But just the same, I don't think, in a somewhat cosmopolitant (in parts) European country, they want an existence such as in Iran. :shrug:

The memory of Ataturk is strong there still. Turkish Nationalism is extremely strong still, I doubt many have any interest in the Al Qaeda dream of a Calphite....unless it was based in Istanbul and refered to as "the Ottoman Empire" ;)
rarely do i agree with you LSSpam, but you are right on the mark...

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