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Oct 19, 2006
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Hey guys long time lurker, first time poster here. I was born a saints fan and will most likely die a saints fan. I'm so glad the saints are having a great year so far after all that happened last year. I got lucky me and my dad are going to be attending the ravens game this sunday (anyone on here in sec. 613?). It'll be our first game in the dome since the playoff victory against the rams. On top of that I'm going to VooDoo fest this weekend! I have confidence our coach will have our boys ready to play and beat the ravens. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself, and brag about my weekend :p. WHO DAT?
welcome brother! yeah, wish i was back in n.o. this weekend
Most likely???? Once A Saints Fan always a Saints fan.

Welocme to the forum.
colin: not if they move... :p

Anyways, I'm doing the Voodoo/Ravens combo as well.

Kicking the wekeend off with a birthday party on bourbon st tonight, followed by joseph arthur at noon tomorrow, a few more bands, a halloween party, a few hours of sleep before the saints game, saints, then wutang and flaming lips.

Throw in a few hours waiting in line at the PS3 truck to try out the new PS3, and this is a packed weekend of awesomeness for me.
Even if you move you still will have love for the Saints.:)

I got a hotel room Sunday at the new Harrah's casino!!!! Who wants to party?
Don't forget to post pics!!!
Maybe he isn't planning on dying? I don't see the problem with that. :shrug: :hihi:
Wu Tang backed out. Someone probably messed with them, and as you know, Wu Tang ain't nuthin to blank with.
well the only reason I could think of that would make me not like the saints is if they became the LA(the city) or SA Saints :p and ya I don't plan on dieing muwahha!

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