Yahoo! Romo and Delhomme are both feeling the pressure. (1 Viewer)


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Jan 22, 2000
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Yahoo Sports article describes the problems facing the Cowboys & Panthers as they get ready to square off tonight.

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP)—Cheer up, Tony Romo & Jake Delhomme knows exactly how it feels.
Those frustrating interceptions. All the griping fans. The support of teammates that you hope is sincere. A body of work that shows turnovers are just part of the deal, the downside of the go-for-broke style that lifted you from obscurity to Pro Bowler and multimillionaire.
Maybe they’ll talk about it Monday night, during warmups before Romo and the Dallas Cowboys play Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers.
Or maybe they don’t have to discuss it. Both have been around long enough to know the drill....
I cannot wait to watch this game tonight!!! I know living here in DFW leaves me a little biased, but I'd really love for the Panthers to beat Dallas tonight. It's too much fun around here when the Cowboys lose!
I am pulling for the Cowboys in a rough game that takes both of them down a notch or two. I would rather see the Panthers at 0-3 than a Cowboy loss. I can't stand even for a moment the Panthers to have any success.
As a Saints fan, I have to pull for the Panthers to lose. But, as a lifelong Cowboy hater, it would not hurt my feelings one bit if the Cowboys went down. The meltdown in Dallas would be terrific!
Tony Romo or Jake Delhomme
the trifecta in Vegas is
- who will throw the most interceprions
- who will cry
- who will implode....
I can't force myself to pull for either of these clubs. This is gonna be a tard fight. My plan is to sit back, relax, and hopefully laugh a lot.
I misread your subject title and at first thought you were overjoyed that Romo and Delhomme were both feeling the pressure.
As a football game, this will be ugly. As a hater of both teams, there probably will be a lot to like.
It's great to watch a game that will help the Saints no matter the outcome.
But I'm hoping the Panthers pull it out. It will be nice to see both teams sporting a losing record.

I figure that we'll get the privilege of handing Carolina two of their losses this year. :hihi:

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