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Jan 22, 2000
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Hows this for a switch...

I'm a former Microsoft Employee

Today I picked up my Macbook Pro 15.4" notebook with the Core2Duo processor and 2GB or RAM. The unboxing began promptly....









Will Windows be dead to me? No. I'm not a fan"anything" I use what tool best fits the job. Right now I'm waiting to get in on the VMware Fusion beta. For those of you that don't know, Fusion is VMware's competitor to Parallels. Unlike Parallels, Fusion lets you have two virtual processors. I got to take Fusion for a test drive this week at VMworld. I promptly called my VMware rep (My company is a VMware partner) and asked to be placed on the beta. I'm actually going to try to convince my company to switch....

Also, I'm going to P2V my work laptop (a stinkpad) so that I can run it as my VM at work.

This should be fun :D
Now your a Mac snob :no::ezbill:, what about linux??? are have you been blind to all the threads about Ubuntu lately
Now your a Mac snob :no::ezbill:, what about linux??? are have you been blind to all the threads about Ubuntu lately

I are have not. :p

I've had an Ubuntu VM running for months :D

As soon as I get VMware for Mac, I'll have it running on my Mac. I've got enough processing power and memory that I can run all three together...
Years ago, I had Macs. I've been using a PC for at least about 7 years. Though I liked the new Macs, I have too much specialized software to easily convert from a PC.

But this summer I bought a Macbook, partitioned the hard drive, and installed Boot Camp. Now I have access to both operating systems, and all of my software. It's pretty awesome. So now I'm ramping up so I can get a jacked up Mac Pro.

Now that I've been spending more time with the Mac operating system, I'm just loving how well everything integrates. When I go back to using my PC, more and more, I find myself just getting pi**ed off.

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