Zach Baun Diluted Sample at the Combine (1 Viewer)


Jun 8, 2015
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I had to take a drug test once. My sample ended up “diluted”. That’s because all I drank was water, and evidently I had drank too much. Point is, it doesn’t mean he was trying to cover anything up. It can certainly happen from too much water. Of course, it can be intentional, as well.
That's high quality H2O.
Hey Baun, did they ever catch that gorilla that escaped from the zoo and punched you in the eye?
All kidding aside, he may fall but not much.
Saints should take a chance if he falls into the 3rd round
Many professional athletes do/have taken PEDs. You have to determine if he took them to max the combine or if he consistently needed them to stay on the field. Based on other players it won't be an issue the first contract (loss of strength/speed/injuries) if he doesn't take them since the fall off usually occurs after two years. So to offset risk you don't take him in the 1st round but maybe second (middle second is great value). Diluted sample is not a big deal really.

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