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Hi Mike,

Maybe too early to be talking selections, but since we don't have much news, I think we may start talking about best available player at 14.

Looking at the cap, draft talent, and free agency, I think that if we are lucky we may have two, maybe three new starters next season. The improvements should come from scheme and coaching.

I frankly not very excited with the talent available at #14 considering our needs. In order I like Curry, Jenkins or Raji, but after that, there is no player that really excites me for us to take. I know this is a deep year for linebacker and for that reason I think we can get a very good one in later rounds.

So, considering that Vilma may be a lock at the MIKE, which linebacker (not named Curry) would you like to draft to start on the WILL position?

In which round do you think Cal's linebacker Zack Follett will go? I am very impressed with this guy and to get him in the fourth round will be incredible.

In which round do you think FS Pegues will go?

Finally, considering the money invested and lack of results, would you consider to get a pass rusher specialist (either from the end or linebacker position) with our first round?

I really hope that there will be a quarterback available or an offensive lineman that will tempt another team to trade with us, allowing to grab more picks.

Best, and thanks as always, Guillermo

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