1. Breesusdat

    Alshon Jeffery or Martellus Bennett? *PURE SPECULATION*

    I've been hearing a lot of things about the Saints potentially targeting either Alshon Jeffery or Bennett on the trade block. While Jeffery would be great and an immediate impact in the passing game, I think we only get to hold onto him for one year because he'll want a monster contract as a...
  2. Article: Bears fan wants to copy "Saints Paradigm"

    Here's a fun read by a Bears writer who laments that after his team met ours in the NFC championship game in 2006, "both teams packed up their belongings and settled on Middle of the Road." He then compares the Saints' rebuilding efforts to the Bears', pointing out all the things we're doing...
  3. bienv

    Who else will pull for the Bears on Sunday?

    Never thought I would say those words, but they're playing the Vikings on Sunday. An upset by the Bears works in our favor in the home-field advantage race.

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