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Why Dennis Allen makes the most sense for Saints as head coach

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By Nick Underhill

The Saints are about to make one of the most critical decisions in franchise history.

Get it wrong, and it could set back much of the progress made over the last 16 years. So, good thing there is such an obvious answer that the question will never have the opportunity to evolve into a riddle.

New Orleans can look far and wide and canvass the league for potential candidates if it wants, but all roads should lead back to Dennis Allen as the team’s next head coach. Other teams might not be smart enough to see it and include him in their coaching searches even though he should be a default option, but the defensive coordinator is not only the best person for the job. He’s the right person for this specific situation.

This hire is different from all the other ones that will take place across the league over the next few weeks. The Saints aren’t looking for a coach because things have gone awry, and they need a new culture and a different way of doing things. The team has an opening at head coach because the guy leading a successful program decided to step away. The best thing for New Orleans isn’t something new or different. The best answer is continuity. ...

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Drew Brees reacts to Sean Payton news, says he spent 'every day trying to prove him right'

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(Staff photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune)

By Amie Just |

Hundreds if not thousands of players have suited up for the New Orleans Saints under Sean Payton over the past 16 years, but none know him like Drew Brees does.

As so many of those players posted their tributes to Payton on Tuesday and Wednesday, Brees chimed in with his own just before 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening — somehow keeping his years of memories to eight sentences and 10 pictures.

"So much appreciation for my head coach," Brees wrote. "What an incredible 16 years. He challenged us, motivated and inspired us, P'Oed us off at times (in a good way), but always did what was best for the team! Perfect blend of old school and present day. Pushed us to the edge, but knew how to have fun doing it.

"Always optimistic, always in the moment but preparing for the future. And always bringing out the best! An all-time great! Spent every day of my Saints career trying to prove him right!" ...

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Could Dan Quinn be the head-coach-in-waiting for Cowboys?

  • News source: Charean Williams
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Maybe we had this all wrong. Maybe it isn’t Sean Payton or Kellen Moore who is the head-coach-in- waiting for the Cowboys but Dan Quinn.

Owner Jerry Jones announced Friday that the Cowboys have signed their defensive coordinator to a multi-year extension. Quinn interviewed with five teams and had second interviews with the Bears, Giants and Broncos.

Jones was under the belief that one of those teams offered Quinn a head coaching opportunity.

“I believe that very much,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Jori Epstein of USA Today. “I know this: He is staying and being our coordinator for...
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Mickey Loomis on Saints head coaching search

  • News source: Justin Macione
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New Orleans Saints Executive VP/GM Mickey Loomis Virtual Media Availability Friday, January 28, 2021

Do you feel that it’s significant that this head coaching job became open after eight other teams have openings as well? “Yeah, I don’t think that’s a significant factor. A couple of teams are further along in the process and a couple guys have been hired already. I’m not overly concerned with that. I think our circumstances are different. Those eight teams where they let go of head coaches, I think their situations are different than ours. We had our coach retire with a lot of really good...
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Mickey Loomis: No Plans to Blow Up Saints Roster

  • News source: John Hendrix
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Saints general manager Mickey Loomis spoke to the local media on Friday, and he quickly mentioned that he'll reserve some time at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. next week to talk about Sean Payton.

Loomis said, "It's hard to summarize 16 years. I just want to give it some thought. I want to do a really good job of that and say the right thing in the right way."

The Saints are going to be tasked with getting a new head coach, but that's not something they're going to be in a rush to fill. New Orleans has a team ready to perform scouting duties next week in Mobile, and Loomis will be...
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How will the Saints' hiring process to replace Sean Payton work? Mickey Loomis explains.

  • News source: BY AMIE JUST | Staff writer
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The last time the New Orleans Saints were in pursuit of a new head coach, general manager Mickey Loomis' phone wasn't buzzing quite like it is now.

Instead of getting pitches from agents, Loomis had to do most of the legwork after the nomadic Saints went 3-13 in 2005 and parted ways with Jim Haslett.

"There wasn't anybody ringing my phone 16 years ago. I was having to ring theirs," Loomis said during a Zoom press conference Friday. "And it wasn't always positive when I did get ahold of someone 16 years ago."

This time around, Loomis says there's been "a lot of outreach, a lot of people...
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Mickey Loomis on new coach: More important to get it right than do it quick

  • News source: Josh Alper
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Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis met with the media on Friday for the first time since Sean Payton stepped down as the team’s head coach and the search for his successor was the main topic of conversation.

Loomis called this search process “completely different” than the 2006 one that ended with Payton being hired and that’s largely because of how successful the team was over Payton’s 16 years in the team. Loomis said that he feels Payton left the team in much better shape than he found it and that the organization isn’t looking for “wholesale change” with the hiring of a new coach...
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Saints coaching search, mobile betting and AFC, NFC title game picks on ‘Dattitude,’ Ep. 51

  • News source: BY JIM DERRY | Sports betting writer
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The Saints coaching search has kicked into a higher gear with the announcement Brian Flores and Byron Leftwich will be interviewed. Is Dennis Allen still the leading candidate?

Jim Derry talks about that in his open, and we also discuss the launch of mobile betting in Louisiana on Friday morning and our picks for both the AFC and NFC championship games on Sunday with our usual suspects, Dave ‘D’Squared’ Ducorbier and Uncle Big Nick.

Beware: It’s a great week for Uncle Big Nick, who is 7-3 in the playoffs against the spread, and he’s a big 49ers fan. Ugh. Please listen anyway.

If you’re...
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By not moving to get Sean Payton now, Jerry Jones may never get him

  • News source: Mike Florio
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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent plenty of time during his latest twice-weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan putting toothpaste he’d squirted everywhere last Friday back in the tube. But the decision to stick with coach Mike McCarthy carries an inevitable (and unspoken) caveat.

Next year, maybe Jerry will go after Sean Payton.

Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. But if Jones is indeed thinking about hiring Payton later, Jones would be wise to consider doing it now.

Payton hasn’t said he definitely won’t coach in 2022. He said he doesn’t “plan” to. He’s more than smart enough to know that “plan”...
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Saints Coaching Search: The Surprise Names

  • News source: Bob Rose
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The New Orleans sports world was sent into a spin when coach Sean Payton retired after 16 seasons with the team. Defensive coordinator Dennis Allen is the early favorite to succeed Payton. The team is expected to interview several candidates for the position.

Payton was a highly regarded assistant when he interviewed with the Saints in 2006. However, he had never been a head coach before and was a bit of a surprise hire for a franchise expected to bring in more experience at the time.

New Orleans will already interview Allen and have requested interviews with Lions defensive coordinator...
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WATCH: Sean Payton Makes Cameo Appearance in Netflix's "Home Team"

  • News source: Brendan Boylan
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Netflix's latest film Home Team, starring Kevin James, was released on the streaming service Friday morning. The comedy is based off of Sean Payton's year away from coaching the New Orleans Saints in 2012 due to a one-year suspension over the Bountygate scandal. The film follows Payton (Kevin James) as he coaches his son Connor's 6th grade football team and grows his relationship with his teenage son along the way.

In the movie's final scenes, Payton returns to the Saints training facility following his year-long suspension and is greeted in his office by a friendly face, Lionel the...
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How Sean Payton helped save the Saints, and build a unique bond with fans

  • News source: Maddy Hudak
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New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton announced his retirement on Tuesday, ending a 15-year run that revitalized the organization and city. His decision came just one week after the anniversary of the date he was hired, Jan. 18, 2006. Simultaneously, it marked the end of an era that transcended the game of football. One of transformative success that reshaped a franchise whose fanbase previously donned paper bags on game day.

Payton will be deservedly celebrated for his accolades on the field: the team’s first NFC Championship appearance and Super Bowl title in franchise history...
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Drew Brees shares emotional response to Sean Payton stepping away from coaching

  • News source: John Sigler
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It’s tough to think of anyone with a closer relationship to outgoing New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton than his longtime quarterback Drew Brees. The pair arrived together in 2006 and assembled strong resumes for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and they both ended up stepping away from the team within a year of each other.

Brees responded to news of Payton’s retirement on his official Instagram account, writing an emotional message reflecting on their time together in New Orleans and how Payton helped him play his best football. But maybe the most telling line came at the end, when...
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Saints plan to interview former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores

  • News source: John Sigler
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Another candidate has been added to the New Orleans Saints head coach search, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter: Brian Flores, who held the same position with the Miami Dolphins until his surprise firing earlier in January. He’s since become one of the most sought-after options on the market, and he’s a finalist for the New York Giants job. So the Saints may not even get the chance to interview him.

That’s a consequence of not entering the sweepstakes until so late in the process, but it can’t be helped now. They’ve got to work around the clock to meet with candidates to replace Sean Payton. At...
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Saints plan to interview Brian Flores, bringing their list of candidates to 4: report

  • News source: BY LUKE JOHNSON | Staff writer
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The New Orleans Saints plan to interview one of the most sought after coaches on the market — but that may be contingent upon whether Brian Flores has a new job by this weekend.

The Saints interest in Flores may be too late, according to an ESPN report, as the former Miami Dolphins head coach is already a finalist for the New York Giants position and could be named their next head coach in the coming days.

Flores is the fourth coach the Saints have planned to interview after longtime head coach Sean Payton stepped down from his role earlier this week. New Orleans also will interview...
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Why the Saints Are Actually a Desirable Spot

  • News source: John Hendrix
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Sean Payton hasn't been gone long from the Saints, and we're already seeing others try to write off New Orleans and kick them when they're down. You've undoubtedly heard by now that key pieces and veterans should be on the trade block and that the salary cap situation is going to make it impossible for whoever comes in next. These claims are silly, and couldn't be farther from the truth.

The Saints are going to be able to field contenders in 2022, and whoever inherits this team as their new head coach will certainly have their work cut out for them. However, the good far outweighs any bad...
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Saints to Interview Former Dolphins Coach Brian Flores for Their Head Coaching Position

  • News source: Bob Rose
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The New Orleans Saints are planning to interview former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores for their vacant coaching position. The news was reported by ESPN Insider Adam Schefter on Friday morning.

Sean Payton stepped down as Saints coach on Tuesday after 16 years at the helm.

New Orleans has already shown interest in defensive coordinator Dennis Allen, Detroit defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, and Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich for the position.

Brian Flores, 40, had been Miami's coach for the last three seasons. He is the leading candidate for the vacant position with...
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Saints plan to interview Brian Flores

  • News source: Josh Alper
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  • Views: 51
The Saints got a later start on their head coaching search than other teams, but they’re trying to make up for lost time.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Saints plan to interview former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores for the vacancy created by Sean Payton’s decision to step down after 16 years on the job. That plan may hit a snag this weekend, however.

Flores interviewed for the Giants’ head coaching job this week and is seen as a strong candidate for that job along with Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll. The Giants are expected to make their choice this weekend and that...
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