Saints coach Sean Payton on Mark Ingram: 'There's a clean vision for the player'

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Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD

By Nick Underhill | The Advocate

Those who work in the industry will be keeping a close eye on how Mark Ingram’s market comes together.

The running back is the rare player who doesn’t have a readily applicable comparison in recent history across the league. Other running backs nearing the age of 30 have signed contracts in past years, but few have been used as sparsely as Ingram has throughout his career.

You either have to use fading players or guys who are several years younger to find a sweet spot. Opinions on this one might come together vary depending on who you ask.

Marshawn Lynch was 31 when he came out of retirement and signed a two-year deal with the Oakland Raiders. Though he had missed a season, he had 10 years of tread on his legs, which included 2,144 carries. Still, the Raiders signed him to a two-year deal worth $9 million. ...

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It’s time for the Saints to move on and focus on next season

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By Brian Allee Walsh - Special to the Sun Herald

The sooner the New Orleans Saints quit blaming the (fill in the blank) officials, the quicker they can get on with the business at hand.

Last time I looked, Super Bowl LIV will be played Feb. 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, and time’s a wastin’. As Mike Ditka once said, “If you live in the past, you die in the past.”

What happened, happened. Let the NFL competition committee (of which Coach Sean Payton is a member) do its job this spring. Let it GEAUX!

The future remains bright for the Black and Gold, and the future is now.

For starters, I suspect the Saints’ window of opportunity has closed a smidgen after the 2018 season but a large enough opening remains for them to win a second Lombardi Trophy with Drew Brees under center. He may be 40 but he’s a young-ish 40, still brimming with confidence and fully engaged in his job. Yes, No. 9 has lost a little on his fastball but he more than makes up for it with his football IQ, much like the G.O.A.T, 41-year-old Tom Brady. ...

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80 Grams of what now? | David Onyemata Arrest Details | Grading Saints TE Group from 2018 [Podcast]

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Come for the laughs, stay for the Saints news.

By Deuce Windham and ElliasJWilliams

Deuce and Ellias shed a little light, and have a few laughs, on the Onyemata situation in this episode of Who Dat Confessional. With the offseason getting into full swing (and the Alliance of American Football right around the corner!) we keep you up to date with all that’s happening around the league and the team.
Podcast Topics

David Onyemata’s run in with Customs, and Jefferson Parish officers, result in the confiscation of 80 grams of Marijuana products.
How much is 80 grams? What can you do with it?
What type of Marijuana was it? We speculate
Grading the Tight End’s 2018 performance as a group.
Looking ahead to what the Saints need to do to improve the play of the tight ends in the offseason.
Answering questions from the fans!

We discuss all that and more on the Thursday Night episode of Who Dat Confessional ...

Link to article and Podcast - CSC

Saints fans prove again that New Orleans knows how to turn a travesty into a party

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Michael DeMocker/AP

By Rick Cleveland | Sun Herald

New Orleans

From the back of the bar, a voice bellowed: “Take the three, Sean Payton, don’t be stupid, take the three!”

It was Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans at the Maple Leaf Tavern on Oak Street. The Maple Leaf is normally a funky, little music bar. But, this day, the stage was converted into a huge TV screen. Fans, almost all decked out in black and gold, cheered and jeered, as the 44th Super Bowl, played nine years ago, streamed on the screen. Payton didn’t take the field goal. He went for it, didn’t make it but he would have the last laugh. So would the fans who jeered him.

Never mind that the 53rd Super Bowl LIII was taking place in Atlanta at that very moment. New Orleans always has danced to its own rhythm and that has never been more true than this past weekend.

Let the rest of the nation watch the Patriots choke off the Rams, New Orleans did its own thing.

In New Orleans, they were calling this “the Boycott Bowl.” If not for a horrible call in the NFC Championship Game, the Saints would have been playing in Atlanta. ...

Full Story - Sun Herald

In case you missed it... Saints QB Drew Brees Talks Rams Controversy, Goodell & More w/Rich Eisen | Full Interview | 2/1/19

The Saints fans’ Boycott Bowl was more interesting than the actual Super Bowl

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Super Bowl 53 was lame, but New Orleans was not.

By Matt Ellentuck | SB Nation

New Orleans sports are having a tough go of things in 2019. The Saints were one missed call away from possibly making the Super Bowl, and Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis requested a trade.

But NOLA is channeling its anger — and there’s a lot, Saints fans have even sued the NFL over the non-call — into a giant party all Super Bowl-long, and it looks like they had more fun than anybody.

Between the the Choppa Style playing:

The platform dancing:


Full Story - SB Nation

How big are New Orleans' Super Bowl protest parties? Let us show you

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By Chelsea Brasted, | The Times-Picayune

We don't yet know who will win the Super Bowl. But we do know who wins Super Bowl Sunday: That honor goes to the Who Dat Nation, who turned out by the thousands to second-line, party and dance the day away.

These folks won't be watching the big game on TV on Sunday (Feb. 3). But that doesn't mean they didn't have any fun.

Saints fans across New Orleans filled bars, venues and the streets to show their defiance to the NFL. See how big the crowds were in the posts and photos below. ...

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New Orleans stages anti-Super Bowl protests, complete with parades, voodoo dolls

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By Steve Gardner, USA TODAY

New Orleans Saints fans are still bitter the Los Angeles Rams are playing in Super Bowl LIII while their team sits at home.

Two weeks after a controversial no-call likely cost their team an opportunity to face the New England Patriots in Atlanta, black and gold-clad fans lined the streets of New Orleans on Sunday in protest.

From funeral parades to outdoor parties to bars refusing to show the big game on their TVs, Saints supporters aren't letting go of their outrage anytime soon.

“We throw a party for every event,” lifelong Saints fan Lauren Braden told NBC News. “We throw parties in the streets for funerals, so we have a different mentality than most people.” ...


Full Story - USA Today

Saints fans had a big, angry parade before the Super Bowl

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A protest-acular.

By Christian D'Andrea | SBNation

Two weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints had their Super Bowl 53 hopes dashed thanks to, in no small part, a horrible botched call from the officials. On Sunday, with the big game looming, fans in Louisiana banded together to let the world know two weeks wasn’t enough time to get over the uncalled pass interference penalty that allowed the Rams to escape the state with the conference championship in tow.

Thousands of Louisianans decked in black and gold took to the streets to express their displeasure with a league that rewarded the Rams’ “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying” approach with a spot in Super Bowl 53. Parades and second line jazz funerals rang through the streets of New Orleans in a display intended to give disgruntled football fans “something better to do” than watch the team that broke their hearts play for an NFL title. ...

Full Story - SBNation

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