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    Infopath syntax?

    Hey guys, In infopath I have created a form and 1 of the buttons in it will email two different email address. I am having problems with the syntax of what that would be.I am doing this strictly in Data Connection Wizard in inforpath. How would I go about making the code recognize a second...
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    C# rename path name

    Hey everyone:I'm trying to rename files to begin with "1" as they are chosen but my 1 has been off. Could someone look at my code and let me know if they notice anything out of place or that's just flat wrong.Thanksprivate void opnBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
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    php help?

    I am doing an assignment where an order is placed and the data is transferred and displayed on a separate page. My order results page shows only the php code. Could someone please look over my code and let me know what you think is wrong. I have a feeling there are a few problems.Thanks...
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