jimmy graham


    It's Johnson Time!

    Tgt Rec Yrds Y/R TD Juwan Johnson 11 6 64 10.7 3Adam Trautman 10 6 64 10.7 0When we come back off our bye week Sean Payton should bring back them old TE Jimmy Graham plays and routes for TE Juwan Johnson. Besides WR...
  2. Monaco

    Sproiles KICKING Arse in Philly. NYT calls him "ELECTRIFYING"

    Loomis/Peyton are probably kicking themselves in the *** right now...I sure hope we get out money's worth out of Graham...
  3. saintsinNO

    Not Letting Greatness Pass Us By (Jimmy Graham)

    Everyone realizes how good Jimmy Graham is, but I don't know if we realize just how good he is. Graham currently has 23 catches for 358 and 4 TD's. Those are already incredible numbers, but that's with him catching only 60% of his targets, you can believe that number is going to climb. It will...

    Graham Fan Appreciation Tweets

    Jimmy Graham: Thanks everyone who voted for the ESPN "NEXT" magazine... I appreciate all the support... Nobody has better fans... Whodat! @TheJimmyGraham on Twitter · 16 minutes ago via Twitter"Jimmy Graham said early this season that a Pro Bowl selection was one of his main goals for the...
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