jimmy graham

  1. Monaco

    Sproiles KICKING Arse in Philly. NYT calls him "ELECTRIFYING"

    Loomis/Peyton are probably kicking themselves in the *** right now... I sure hope we get out money's worth out of Graham...
  2. saintsinNO

    Not Letting Greatness Pass Us By (Jimmy Graham)

    Everyone realizes how good Jimmy Graham is, but I don't know if we realize just how good he is. Graham currently has 23 catches for 358 and 4 TD's. Those are already incredible numbers, but that's with him catching only 60% of his targets, you can believe that number is going to climb. It will...

    Graham Fan Appreciation Tweets

    Jimmy Graham: Thanks everyone who voted for the ESPN "NEXT" magazine... I appreciate all the support... Nobody has better fans... Whodat! @TheJimmyGraham on Twitter · 16 minutes ago via Twitter "Jimmy Graham said early this season that a Pro Bowl selection was one of his main goals for the...
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