mini camp

  1. *_deuce_*

    A few shots from Mini Camp Day 2(Wednesday)

    Once again everyone looking good,and very hot as usual. August is gonna be brutal,and so is our secondary this year! :9:
  2. *_deuce_*

    A few shot`s from Mini Camp Day 1

    A bit overcast and very dark today with rain moving in slowly. Rain projected for Wed as well.Thursday looks like it`s gonna be hot. Everyone looked pretty good today.A lil rust here and there. Only took a few today.
  3. *_deuce_*

    Nfl minicamp & ota dates announced!!

    NFL MINICAMP & OTA DATES ANNOUNCEDNEW ORLEANSMay 22-24, May 29-31, June 11-14May 11-13 (rookies), June 5-7 :9:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------NFL Minicamp and OTA Dates Announced 05/02/2012FOR USE AS DESIRED...
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