1. ktmoze

    Saints (8-2) lead the NFC Playoff Race

    The New Orleans Saints are in must-win games the next several weeks to keep pace in the NFC over the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seattle Seahawks. Currently, they stand at the top of the NFC.
  2. rebelsaint8

    NFC Strength - example from previous season and moving forward

    As a Saints fan for years, I can say this is the most exciting and excruciatingly long off-season I have been a part of. With that being said... the talent in the NFC is extremely scary at this point. I think the NFC is at its pinnacle of talent, and that the NFL is so much stronger on the NFC...
  3. TheLittleWhoDat

    Saints on the road.

    So last year the saints started off hot and then lost some momentum as we started losing on the road starting with seattle, then the rams and panthers. it cost us the division title. then i thought we got over that hurtle going into the eagles and even after throwing 2 picks we managed to run...
  4. *_deuce_*

    NFC South

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