1. Some QB questions for the experts.

    #1 There was a lot of talk about the Saints actively pursuing Burrows. Was that all real or just a pipe dream. I think I read someone even saying they were considering trading Thomas and Kamara. Does anyone know what the truth was?#2 I've heard Payton say, a few times, he thinks Taysom will...
  2. ledog

    Drew Brees -moment of fame is over!

    Drew Brees has had his time (moment of fame), he is too old, too many businesses, too many kids, all the wear and tear... it is not worth putting our money into we need to invest in someone new.
  3. dajmno

    Flacco gets new contract {MERGED}

    Says Jay Glazer - no numbers yet.
  4. *_deuce_*

    (Article)NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

    Rodgers, Brady top NFL Quarterback Power RankingsTop Shelf: Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady It's worth noting both top-shelf quarterbacks have started the season a little slow. Brady is struggling somewhat with major changes in New England. It's possible the Green Bay Packers haven't changed...
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