1. HennessyRob

    Final Fantasy XIII: Sell me on it

    A guy was playing a demo of this game at Gamestop lastweek during a midnight release. I was blown away by the graphics and music. I'm thinking about buying this game.What type of replay value does FF games typically have? I've wasted too much money on games that were labeled "Must own" but had...
  2. GeauxTigers1

    Anyone here playing Sacred 2?

    Looking for online help with some bosses. If you haven't played this game you dont know what your missing.
  3. Madhattr

    Dragon Age Origins Stone Prisoner Map Glitch

    Ok, trying to get help on this. Wrote bioware tech support, they directed me to the forums. Posted this in the forums and waiting for response.I have a level 20 human warrior. Have already beaten the story line. Have a saved game after the main credits to continue playing. I've d/l stone...
  4. HennessyRob

    Mass Effect 2

    'You cannot fit this much awesome on one disc,' says BioWareBioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly states on the official forums Mass Effect 2 will be split onto two separate discs for both PC and Xbox 360. The PC will not require any disc swap since the game will need to be fully installed...
  5. kcirdor

    Demon's Souls

    http://trollitc.com/2009/03/demons-souls-big-in-japan-the-epic-english-review/for those of you that love Elderscrolls or Fallout. This game is a descendant of the old PlayStation Classic King's Field. The Japanese team of From Software(Armored Core) have put King's Field to rest and started...
  6. RazorOye

    Dragon Age: Origins

    the more I read/hear about Bioware's newest RPG, the more excited I get about its release.I am just finishing Mass Effect and can't wait for the developers to go back to a more traditional RPG setting.The heavy influence of Baldur's Gate can't possibly be a bad thing, right?<object...
  7. Hoyasaint

    Fallout 3

    First review I've seen. http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/924/924165p1.html Looks pretty good. It appears to have a very different leveling system than Oblivion, and very different enemy progressions. It appears that enemies will progress with you, but there are areas that are essentially...
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