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  1. Andrus

    Concern around NFL boiling up over assignment of Rams-Saints refs, all from Southern California

    By Will Brinson | CBS SportsSuper Bowl week is about to kick off, but no one is moving past the situation from the week prior, when the Rams-Saints game was decided by a blown call in which Nickell Robey-Coleman was not flagged for pass interference, despite it being an obvious DPI call. In...
  2. Andrus

    Wild NFL rule allows Roger Goodell to reverse Rams-Saints outcome, but would he actually use it?

    By Will Brinson | CBS SportsAfter all the insanity of Championship Sunday wrapped, it was almost hard to comprehend all the crazy things that happened throughout the day. One thing stood above all else though: the Rams pass interference penalty against the Saints that went uncalled by the...
  3. Andrus

    NFL Playoff Projections: Here's how Chiefs, Patriots, Chargers, Texans and Saints can clinch in Week 14

    By Will Brinson | CBS SportsThe 2018 NFL season has hurtled right along, with professional football getting quite the rejuvenation with high quality on-field play and tons of storylines. We're getting near the end! The fantasy playoffs are here and it's almost time for the real playoffs to...
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