Jersey for Iggles game? (1 Viewer)

Don't know for sure, but we're almost always black on the road.
my guess would be black on gold tomorrow. eagles have worn white for their first few home games the past 2 seasons. kinda like the saints have. that's just what i figure. sorry no hard evidence to offer.
Home team gets their pick. It all depends on what the Eagles want to wear. I haven't heard what it is.
You shouldn't worry about what jersey they're gonna be wearing, you should be worried about what the heck Iggles fans are gonna throw at you. I'll be praying for you.

And I believe they'll be wearing black. Not sure. But just a guess.
I hope the Eagles choose to wear white, because I love it when we wear black on gold outdoors. The biggest reason our gold colors look "off" in the dome is because the dome lighting royally sucks, especially when watching television. The gold colors look great when the jerseys are worn outdoors.

The temperature in Philly tomorrow will be mid-to-high 70's, so wearing black jerseys will not hurt us in the least, unlike if we were to wear them in Tampa, Miami, or Arizona at this time of year.
I went back and looked at photos from the eagles' preseason games. They did wear white for their 2 home games so I'm inclined to believe it will be black jerseys for us.
Most teams wear white at the start of the season at home due to the weather.

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