1. Crazy Dream last night about the Saints...

    Okay so last night I had this crazy dream that drew wasn't willing to cooperate with the Saints on coming to a contact agreement. So they traded Drew to the Texans for Brock Osweiler their first and third round pick. Would you take this deal? I'm conflicted because I don't think Brock is that...
  2. The Brees Contract Demand That Coulda Ruined Everything (Satire)

    I'll just assume they took this clause out of the final deal. (Satire) :
  3. SaintsmanJim

    When will The Saints sign Drew Brees or will they?

    My question is this when will they sign Drew Bress or will they? Are they just going to let him sit for a year or are they going to pay the man and get this thing done. With everything else going on he needs to be signed yesterday.:banghead:GEAUX SAINTSGOODELL SUXThe Saintsman Jim
  4. ac4400cw

    Happy Drew Year

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