1. GameBreaker

    All Hail Mickey

    The guy who gets us out of salary cap purgatory every year is the same as the guy who puts us in salary cap purgatory every year.
  2. Goodell-Related Signs Events & Funny Stuff

    The Superbowl is here and the City looks great! Driving around town, I keep seeing funny Goodell-related signs and things that are just plain entertaining. So, I thought it would be great to start a thread to highlight some of the creative Goodell-related things out there right now. I will...
  3. ac4400cw

    Don't Ba A Hater, Be A Saints Fan

    When the Saints win games, haters get angry. When haters get angry, they blow off steam. When haters blow off steam, they get in accidents. When haters get in accidents, they get an eye patch. When haters get an eye patch, people think they are tough. When people think haters are tough, people...
  4. AceTW

    Breaking - Favre Announces Retirement (funny) open a new bakery specializing in........Wait for it.....TURNOVERS.
  5. Jim Henderson Commentary, Saints/Redskins

    Anyone posted this yet? Didn't see it today.
  6. Ridiculous Pats fan on forum through and listen to what this gporter dude says. He's making quite the *** out of himself. Pages 4-6 are when it really kicks off.
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