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  1. ktmoze

    New Orleans Saints Mock Draft #1 - Saints News Network

    Bob Rose gives us his first installment on the Saints in the NFL Draft
  2. Mike Detillier on Primetime

    We sat down with Mike D to talk about where the Saints may go in the draft after the addition of Jared Cook Plus we asked him how teams have success in later rounds since the majority of the Saints picks are towards the end of the draft. SoundCloud link iTunes link
  3. rsmith2783

    Channeling Mike Ditka

    Ditka's spirit has been coming up lately and i've got a funny feeling something strange is going down on Draft day. So which of you has the crystal ball and could spill the beans on which round we pull the trigger? And will the compensation make you grab your ankles?
  4. 2013 NFL Draft: Jelani Jenkins - LB - Florida

    Potential LB prospect for the Saints in the 2013 NFL Draft? Jelani Jenkins - LB - Florida - YouTube
  5. Interesting Mock Draft: For Saints Fans Interested

    I know we don't have any first round picks, and the key to our offseason will be trying to keep Nicks, but I still love the NFL Draft and found this mock really interesting... 2012 NFL Mock Draft | SportSmasher (P.S. I think we should bring back Nicks and let other walk, he is tough to replace.)
  6. LifezaBrees

    Saints Uni's: A Yearly Tradition

    Patrick Robinson, DB FSU Charles Brown, OT USC Jimmy Graham, TE Miami Al Woods, DT LSU Matt Tennant, C Boston C Sean Canfield QB Oreg. State

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