1. Winter

    Kickoff the 2018 Season with Dome Schedules

    Put together some Superdome inspired schedule wallpapers. It's been 4 years since the last ones, but better late than never! There's 4 options in the 3 major time zones. I'm so jacked for this season... Let's go get it! Who Dat!These are built to 2560x1440 (Thunderbolt)2018 Superdome...
  2. Winter

    2018 Superdome Schedule Wallpapers

    Took me 4 years to do another iteration of the Dome schedule wallpapers. Gotta say I'm liking this format better. I made 4 versions each with Eastern, Central and Pacific time zones. Just in time for the season to start... WHO DAT!Central time first:
  3. Winter

    2014 Superdome Schedule Widescreen Wallpapers

    Hello Saints Report!I've been working on an idea I had for a schedule graphic and now it is finally done! I had the idea of using the outer panels of the Superdome to represent each week in the season. It took awhile to find the time and high res graphics to put this all together, but I am...
  4. ac4400cw

    Saints Superdome Super Bowl

    It has a nice ring to it!
  5. saintsinNO

    Louisiana Superdome and Champions Square Enhancements!

    Looks like a lot of work, but the designs of what it will look like look great! Pics:
  6. ctillman

    Penalties per game in the dome....

    Does anybody know where to go to get stats on how many penalties an opposing team has per game in the superdome? I want to try and measure how much effect the crowd really has on the game in comparison to other teams. I know we are the loudest.. but what does that really gain for us? False...
  7. saints_dk

    Superdome pic

    I need a nice pic of the superdome at nighttime for a new twitter background... any suggestions?Thanks
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