Louisiana Superdome and Champions Square Enhancements! (1 Viewer)

Great pics and info....it's great to look at pics like that. I feel so proud that the Superdome is coming back better than new. I can't wait to see all the improvements this season.

I'm most excited about that staircase. Its ridiculous walking down that ramp at the end of a game... especially after a loss.
I'll bet that vine wall is going to be paradise for wasps and yellowjackets come early September.

All the WASPs will be in the expanded Club section.

This guy wearing his Henderson jersey tucked into his khaki's for example....


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Maybe the players can get hired to help since they are without work right now
This may be the greatest remodeling of a facility since remodeling was invented!
Question, whose paying for this? The owner or the tax payers? Not that it matters, the Superdome needs a face lift and designs look great. I'm just curious.
Man... I got screwed. I paid for for seats in the lower bowl and there aren't any seats. LOL!!!

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