1st Place! (1 Viewer)

Saints win panthers lose, We will play a night game vs Dallas(I am 99% sure) Go Saints!!!!!!

What do poop and Mike Vick have in common? They both smell but only one has herpes!!!!
Im So Hyped Right Now I Cant Stop Running Around My Living Room!!!

Drew Brees Is The Shizz-nit!!!

We Are In 1st Place Boys!!!! 7-4!!!

Who Dat??who Dat?? Who Dat Think They Gonna Beat Dem Saints!!!

WOW man i love being first again, this makes the 10th week we sit on the top of the divison
I had been thinking that it would have been nice if Tampa Bay had beaten Dallas, but on second thought, with 3 wins in a row, they may be a little softy and ready for a let down.
1st Place Babbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! I 'm Ready For The 49ers. I Got To Go And Get My Crunkjuice Ready. I'll Talk To You Guys Later.

Run Deuce Run!! 1st Place And #3 Seed Heading Into The Playoffs As Of Now. Who Dat Talkin Bout Beatin Our Saints.

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