2 things I'd like to see today (1 Viewer)

Mar 11, 2006
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1. Reggie needs to attack the line of scrimmage on rushes. The Saints really need to improve the running game from the last 2 weeks. A major step would be for Bush to quit dancing and start attacking.

2. The defense needs to force some turnovers. This is one area of weakness for the D this season. The Steelers have been prone to turning the ball over, the main reason they have 6 losses already. If New Orleans can win the turnover battle, as in most NFL games, they stand a good chance for the road win.

Do you guys have anything y'all would like to see that we have not seen much of this season?
Same two things I always want to see on NFL Sunday (barring byes and Monday night games):

1. A Saints win
2. A Dallas loss
And Hollis Thomas.... and Brian Young...... and Scott Fujita..... oh well, you get the idea.
2 things I'd like to see today is

1.Saints 35

2.Steelers 0
I'd like to see Duce run with a purpose.
Let's face it. We need Bush to break out of his slump if we want to be legit superbowl contenders...I'd love to see him get going in this one on national TV.
I'd like to see Duce run with a purpose.

I'd like to see Deuce run over Porter. i'd like to see Reggie run by him. I'd like to see the fans start a "Fire Bill Cower" website. But what I'd like to see the most is our defense to score touchdowns.

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