2000's Teams to win SB without HFA (1 Viewer)


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Mar 2, 2001
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Just saying

2001 Pats
2002 Bucs
2004 Pats
2005 Steelers
2006 Colts
2007 Giants
2000 Ravens were a wild card
2008 Steelers were #2 seed

So, really only the 2003 Pats and 2009 Saints won the Super Bowl as #1 seeds so far in the new millenium. It will stay that way after this year as well.
It can be done. Especially a team as good as we are. The question I have is whether the Giants and Steelers being cold weather based teams had anything to do with it. Not that we can't win in cold weather, but it's more "comfortable" for some teams. Remember the Giants-Packers NFCCG? Snow, heavy snow.
Dude, after seeing the Saints win it all while hearing so many meaningless statistics about 'history' and about how many teams did this and how many did that... like, none of it means anything.

We know first hand what can be accomplished in the post season, the past notwithstanding.

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