23-foot shark caught (1 Viewer)

I've caught bigger.

we're gonna need a bigger boat
that shark looks to be as old as the hills of kentucky. probably almost lifeless when it got caught up in the netting.
Looks like a basking shark. They can get bigger but unless you're a plankton you probably don't have to worry about them eating you.
You are correct, RayM.

The only thing a basking shark is good for is its liver, which can be processed into oil. The rest is fertilizer.

It's a swimming plankton filter. Totally harmless.
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Yeap its a basking shark ..no teeth the teeth have been modified to filter krill. Dam shame they killed it...they are sorta rare.
completely harmless...you would have to swimming in the open ocean in a school of krill for you to get accidentally caught in its mouth. Its a pelagic shark it does not come near land.

More closer to a blue whale than a shark in its habits and feeding.
The basking shark is the second biggest shark (Whale Shark is first). Both the two largest sharks are also the largest fish and both are completely harmless, plankton feeders. But not all large sharks are docile....the Tiger Shark and Great White can both exceed 20 ft. and are known man eaters.....

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