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Black Knight

Jul 9, 1998
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Wilmington, NC through Afton, VA (from Vidalia,LA
I am trying to add my signature picture (the good old Black Knight you developed for me some years back). It shows the picture should be there but it does not show up on the post. Can you help?? Here is the picture:

Thanks.............great job on the new site, I like it better each day!!
Let me add to the Help Wanted list. To anybody that can help, I am not staying logged in to the site. I have to log back in with each visit, even though I've hit the "remember me" box with every log in. Cookies are enabled. What gives?

Edit: It works now. So I guess my bug is gone. Thanks!
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I had to go in through google.
Open that link, right click on the image, save to your desktop.

Click 'User CP', Click 'Edit Avatar', Scroll down, click 'Browse', Find the image on your desktop, select it, then hit 'Save Changes'.

You rock man, thanks!

That deserves some rep from me.
I checked one of your posts on the old forum and it's not showing up there. Can you find the image anywhere at all?
Ok... loaded those sigs that were hosted on SR back in.

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