any1 goin to the ny game? (1 Viewer)

Apr 28, 2006
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i want to get some tickets on the saints sideline, but they are SO expensive on stubhub. anyone selling or know where i can get at least reasonable priced tickets?
I inquired with my Saints ticket rep in August and they had already sold their alotment. From my seven years of living in NY all I can tell you is that if you really want to go to the game you'll have to pay through the nose (or pray for a Giants losing streak, in which case the price will drop).
i want to.. there are some right behind the saints bench, 1st row, for 500 a piece. i want them soooooo badly
A couple friends and myself are going. We leave on the 21st and come back to N.O. on Christmas day.....
My bro in law has 4 tickets to the game on the 50 mid level. Got em through a client. So it's him, my niece and a firend of hers. Its between my two brothers and myself for the last ticket. That is, unless I can convince my niece to stay home. We're going up there for X-mas, so I know we'll definitely have 4 Saints fans on the 50 yd line cheering 'em on regardless.
I got my tickets for face value ($100 each - 200 level) in early Sept off of eBay. There are many auctions on eBay that can be had a decent (NY prices) prices for this game.

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