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Apr 26, 2003
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That guy is great. I love watching his teams play football, they are always so well coach ever , next to Payton, I think. The Patriots are back kicking *** this year, they might play us in the Super Bowl.
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As long as they don't have to play Denver again. Shannahan gets the best of Bellicheck.

Next Sunday should answer a lot of questions in the NFL.
naw, wont happen again. maybe in the playoffs.
I think the Patriots will beat both undefeated teams within the next month.
I think the Patriots will beat both undefeated teams within the next month.

It wouldn't surprise me if they did. Its amazing a how a team that is 6-1 and won 3 out of the last 5 Super Bowls flies under the radar. I haven't heard too much about them and the only game I saw them play before tonight was that lost to Denver.
Not only is Belichick the man, but it looks like a certain Michigan QB has his groove back. Last night he posted his highest totals of the season in every category, his passer rating and completion percentage have gotten better every week that he has had time to adjust to his new receivers:

QB ratings games 1-7 in order.

82.3 73.9 79.4 89.9 91.2 112.4 115.6

completion %.

47.8 51.7 56.4 57.7 55.2 66.6 67.4

Minnesota basically dared Brady to slice them up last night and he did just that. I love watching the Pats out coach, and out execute teams week in and week out.
Belichick was a coordinator for Parcels everytime Parcels won a super bowl, since they parted ways, Belichick has won 3 more, and parcels has gooseegged

perhaped Belichick was the true majic bejhind the tuna!

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