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Aug 9, 1997
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Annapolis, MD
The Bengals practiced Wednesday afternoon in cold rain and 43-degree conditions.

Several players, including quarterback Carson Palmer, talked about the need for an indoor practice facility. The Bengals are the northernmost NFL team without one. Even the Saints have one.

"It's tough," Palmer said. "We don't have the ability to prepare for a dome game, so it makes it tough. It's a definite disadvantage practicing all week in the rain, especially if you're not going to be playing in the rain.

"We've been through this before. ... So it's definitely a disadvantage, but we're used to making that adjustment and moving on."

By terms of their stadium lease with Hamilton County, the Bengals would have to pay for construction of an indoor practice facility.

"We're working on that," Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said when asked about Palmer's comments.
Oh woah is me. That is some petty complaining. Seriously.
I hear you about the complaining on the other hand...

It is an awful day here in Cincy today. Grey, nearly dark all day, rain, cold. YUCK!

Glad I have a desk job.
It's a ploy, I tells ya. The complaining, the compliments of our corners, etc.... all attempts to try to butter us up and have us thinking "cakewalk".

No one's buying it, dude. :hihi:
What we went through was the exception. No reason he can't complain simply because someone else had it worse at some point.

But what I dont understand is how they don't have an indoor training facility. I thought that was pretty standard for most teams.
That is some of the worst whinging I have ever heard. Does the rain mess up his hair?? What is the issue and who is he pointing fingers at????
If there is no indoor practive facility, ther is no way they can prepare for an indoor crowd, which will be huge. The fans need to bring it on Sunday.

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