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Apr 20, 2006
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Wild Orchid Cabaret
I'm going to finally get some free time and wantwd to know what are some of the better online console games currently out there (preferably PSN)

I love football but impossible to play online (just ridiculous what people think is being competitive) and other than COD i dont know what else is out there that is worth the time

Thanks in advance
Bad Company 2. And the Vietnam pack comes out tomorrow too, so perfect timing.
Everyone who said BC2 is addicted to Crystal Meth and hairy nuts.
Is anyone else getting the Crystal Meth and Hairy Nuts 'Vietnam' expansion?

Supposed to hit the store tomorrow, but I'm wondering if it will be a 'midnight' thing, or a 'sometime tomorrow' thing.

Supposedly, the 1.6gb download that we had to do a few weeks back will encompass the whole download so you should be able to jump right in.

Can't wait to play some late 60's early 70's era Crystal Meth and Hairy Nuts!
and we wouldn't have it any other way...

Please don't go away twenntyfoursevenn'n. For every yin, there must be a yang, for every good, there is an evil...

We are the punch bowl... Please continue to be the turd.

I'lll just kick over the punch bowl, and dump on your face.

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