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Jul 5, 2006
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Lake Charles La.
I was glad to see billy get some playing time i think he is a pretty good TE he looked good at Houston i think he will make us even better
Yes, I really enjoyed his play. Hope he can be consistent and productive!
I believe he hasn't played more because of Blocking woes.......

Well he was cut for the same reason Zach Hilton was (yes, blocking isn't his forte). Early on especially it appears Payton felt the TE had to be heavily involved in protection schemes (the TE has).

As Stinchomb and the O-line in general has improved though the TE has been released into the passing game more and more. So when Conwell went down it appears they went for Billy Millers recieving ability.
The TEs that Payton brought here have done an excellent job. Dan Campbell, Billy Miller, and Nate Lawrie have each shown to be all reliable blockers and pass catchers. Campbell, in particular, has made some huge catches for us this year.
he had a nice catch and some nicer socks!
Campbell and Miller both made great, key plays on that 3ed (?) quarter drive. They both looked good.
in the two tightend set, Billy Miller could really be used well, glad we brought in a recieving tightend it should open up the middle.

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