Boudreaux and Thibodeaux Deer Hunting (1 Viewer)

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Sep 1, 2000
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Boudreaux and Thibodeaux were deer hunting deep in the woods. Well they sat there for a while in their tree stands.
When all of a sudden Thibodeaux sees a big buck. Well he shoots it and Boudreaux hearing the rifle shot decided to go see.
Well when he got there and saw that huge buck, he says Thibodeaux how are we gonna get that out of the woods.

Thibodeaux says we are gonna have to drag it it's way too big to carry out. So they each grab a hind leg and start dragging, but they were having problems get caught in the brush with the antlers dragging behind.
So their they were fighting with it when another hunter passed by and said man that is sure pretty. Boudreaux says we having a lot of trouble with them antlers all getting caught up.
The hunters says why don't y'all grab each a side of the antlers and drag him that way, you won't get caught up as much.
So they decide that is good advice. So they each grab one side and start dragging again and yep it's working much better.
After a while Boudreaux says hey Thibodeaux, I think we are getting further away from the truck what do you think!

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