Brees on PTI in a few minutes (1 Viewer)

They sure like him on there. I think I have counted them interviewing him three times I believe. Don't know if this one is an interview but this is one of the shows that I actually like to watch, because they are pretty unbiased unless they are talking about Chicago (Wilbon) likes Northwestern and everything Chicago but he is pretty fair and does it as a joke.
I think they are going to do the Odds of probably him getting MVP or Pro Bowl honors. It is right under odds so I am assuming that's what they will do.
20% to 2% tony to mike that brees wins mvp. mike said he is the best off season aquisition in the nfl this year.
Well he does get alot of love from them, but I mean it just sucks Peyton Manning is in the league 20% and 2% from Kornheiser and Wilbon.
I kinda agree with them but I kinda don't. You can probably say that the Colts wouldn't be 7-0 if they didn't have Manning but what would the Saints record be if we didn't have Brees? I think they are both MVP caliber players right now.
There's a bunch of deserving MVP candidates this year, IMO. Manning and Brady are both so great that you could make the case every year they're worth 3-4 games to their teams. Brees. (It's not utterly impossible that we'd be a decent 4-4 with Jamie Martin. Not likely, but not utterly impossible.) Tomlinson. Smith. Maybe Bailey. They've all got a case by December, I can't bust anybody for picking one over the other.
The one day I didn't drive my truck so I couldn't listen on XM.. thanks guys.
Running into issues with the Saints.. they said they have a "licensed artist" and they aren't sure if they can give us approval for even this one time thing..
Brees has turned out to be a great addition for us. Pains me to say it, but I'm glad we didn't take a QB in this past draft.

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