Brees should take the blame for this one (1 Viewer)

Aug 29, 2006
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Brees has played great a majority of this season, but everyone knows he can't be perfect. Today he threw 3 ints and all 3 directly resulted in either points lost by the Saints and points gained by the Bengals. I hate to say it but the defense is playing how everyone thought they'd play at the beginning of the season, maybe even a little better than expected. If the Saints want to continue to win this season they have to quit turning the ball over 3 or 4 times a game. This is not a defense that can be relied upon to overcome such odds. This is a team where the Offense either wins or loses the game, and today our offense simply lost this game. Defense is doing the best they can given the talent they have. There is simply no excuse for Brees to throw 2 unprovoked ints in the end zone, and then throw another that was returned for a TD. With the game that Brees had, we'd need the Chicago defense (Arizona game) to overcome those odds. We eliminate the turnover bug and we're a superbowl caliber team.
yeah you're right, we shoud cut him...he sux

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