Browns Training facility nasty .contaminated ... (1 Viewer)

If they all get it, it'll be a staff infection.

Try the waitress.
Don't forget to tip the veal.

The Browns have discussed the possibility of staph being present on the field turf in their indoor practice facility.

"It's like grass, but a guy sweats and he spits and all that rubberized material is down in there," Savage said. "It's something the high-ups are probably looking into on a league-wide scale."

League wide? Does that mean we might have to get rid of Turf? I say we try to trade him for Pepsi Machine before this goes down. I would hate to have our best player kicked out the NFL for spreading bacterial infections.
does this mean Donovan McNabb will be restricted to only natural grass?
This problem is more common than you may think. This happens more on the college level due to sheer numbers of teams and players. There was an outbreak recently at North Texas where I believe they had to replace the turf. Most teams, especially on the high school level, aren't aware that that stuff needs a good cleaning with certain chemicals every year.

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