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Oct 8, 2006
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Bell City, La
me if the direct snap to Deuce was planned or not? It looked to me, but if it was that was dangerous.
i thought it was, until i saw jim henderson interview deuce in the locker room on the late nite local show "4th down on 4"..Deuce said brees was changing the play at the line, the ball popped out and he just "tried to make a play"
Brees on WWL this morning said that he wished that is was intentional but it was not. He said the ball was hung up in the turf and it was a bad snap.
In all the years I've been watching football I never saw a direct snap to the HB while the QB was under center so I figured it wasn't an intentional play. Brees and Deuce both confirmed it wasn't intentional in their post game interviews.
Brees was not under center. I just think it would be too hard to practice rolling the snap correctly. That football is unpredictable when it starts bouncing. That being said, Drew sure did look like he was selling a fake with his eyes.

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