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Jul 28, 2005
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Portland, OR
I just heard on the TV (I'm watching CBS) "don't look now, but Carolina is in first place in the NCF South". I thought we were tied for first place?
Oh, that's right! sad but true...damn! Let the Carolina slobbin commence as if it hasn't already.
yeah we are tied for now, Thats just Sharp jumping on the media darlings.

tie breakers don't play out until end of the season anyway.
it's already started, saintgirly. Shannon sharpe was all over steve smith like a drunk prom date....
atleast we are 5-1 in the NFC that might be important later if we are in that situation.
Thanks to St. louis Carolina got the win today...Haslett and Venturi gave the pregame speeches for the Rams.:D I guess thats why the Rams loss 15-0
i dunno, if carolina keeps winning, and we keep playing like the last few games, the new year's eve game might be meaningless. we might be able to be spoilers to keep them from a home field playoff game though <evil> hehe
but on the other hand if the Falcons and Saints had the same w-l record it would be a tie even though we are 1 up on the Falcons in the div by winning over them.

bunch of vick jock swingers

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