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I just like screamin' my fool head off. Works for me.
I never qiut using it, specially when a TD is scored
When the phrase hit its peak, they actually brought Seth Green to one of the games (he was still a nobody then, just had the commercial for fame) and had him do his "Cha-ching" thing in the middle of the field. Fans went nuts. It was pretty cool.

I was there, but can't remember which game it was...
Personally I like Who-Dat?! I agree with SaintMike. Cha-Ching is a little stale. But if we start going back to Cha-Ching some other team will just steal it just like the Bengals stole Who-Dat and turned it into who-dey. I forget who it was, but I did see someone on NFL Network say Cha-Ching. I think it was a Steeler.
Nothing beats, "Oh when those Saints....Come marching in....." But for brevity, I prefer "Who Dat"

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