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Nov 18, 2004
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Kennesaw, Ga.
I put an ** by the ones I wouldn't mind seeing in the B&G...

Adams, Keith UFA Dolphins
Alexander, Eric ERFA Patriots
Allen, James UFA Saints
Anderson, Charlie RFA Texans
Archer, Phil ERFA Chargers
**Bailey, Boss UFA Lions
Banta-Cain, Tully UFA Patriots
Barber, Shawn UFA Eagles
Beisel, Monty UFA Cardinals
Blackburn, Chase ERFA Giants
Bockwoldt, Colby RFA Titans
Boiman, Rocky UFA Colts
**Briggs, Lance UFA Bears
Brown, Chad UFA Steelers
Chillar, Brandon RFA Rams
Claiborne, Chris UFA Giants
Clark, Danny UFA Saints
Cody, Dan ERFA Ravens
Cordova, Jorge RFA Jaguars
Curry, Donté UFA Lions
Darling, James UFA Cardinals
Davis, Don UFA Patriots
Davis, Rod RFA Vikings
Ekejiuba , Isaiah ERFA Raiders
Evans, Troy UFA Texans
Farwell, Heath ERFA Vikings
**Fletcher-Baker, London UFA Bills
Fowler, Ryan RFA Cowboys
Gardner, Barry UFA Patriots
Gardner, Gilbert RFA Colts
**Gilbert, Tony UFA Jaguars
Glenn, Jason UFA Vikings
Glymph, Junior RFA Cowboys
Godfrey, Randall UFA Chargers
Griffin, Kris ERFA Chiefs
Harris, Marques ERFA Chargers
Harrison, Arnold ERFA Steelers
Henderson, E.J. UFA Vikings
Holdman, Warrick UFA Redskins
Huff, Orlando UFA Cardinals
Irons, Grant UFA Raiders
Johnson, Landon RFA Bengals
June, Cato UFA Colts
Kacyvenski, Isaiah UFA Rams
Keiaho, Freddy ERFA Colts
Koutouvides, Niko RFA Seahawks
Lewis, Alex RFA Lions
Lewis, D.D. UFA Seahawks
Mallard, Wesly UFA Buccaneers
Mays, Corey ERFA Patriots
Melton, Terrence RFA Saints
Miller, Caleb RFA Bengals
Mitchell, Kawika UFA Chiefs
Morris, Rob UFA Colts
Nande, Terna ERFA Titans
Newman, Keith UFA Dolphins
Orr, Shantee UFA Texans
Phillips, Shaun RFA Chargers
Polk, Carlos UFA Chargers
Polk, DaShon UFA Texans
Polley, Tommy UFA Saints
Posey, Jeff UFA Redskins
Rainer, Wali UFA Texans
Reynolds, Robert RFA Titans
Riddle, Ryan ERFA Jets
Scanlon, Rich RFA Chiefs
Seau, Junior UFA Patriots
Shanle, Scott UFA Saints
**Short, Brandon UFA Giants
Short, Jason RFA Eagles
**Singleton, Al UFA Cowboys
Sirmon, Peter UFA Titans
Slaughter, T.J. UFA 49ers
Smith, Mike ERFA Ravens
Smith, Raonall UFA Rams
Smith, Tyson ERFA Giants
Spencer, Cody RFA Jets
Spragan, Donnie UFA Dolphins
Stanley, Ronald ERFA Steelers
Taylor, Ben UFA Packers
**Thomas, Adalius UFA Ravens
Thomas, Pat ERFA Jaguars
Thomas, Robert UFA Raiders
Torbor, Reggie RFA Giants
Unck, Mason RFA Browns
White, Tracy UFA Packers
Wilhelm, Matt RFA Chargers
Wilkins, Marcus UFA Bengals
**Williams, Demorrio RFA Falcons
Wilson, Rod ERFA Bears
Do we hold any rights to Shanle and Polley after the year is over?? I wonder if Polley will come back strong after his injury last year. (I assume not, since they will both be UFA's) I rememeber we were counting on Polley to be a starter during training camp. I think we need to show Shanle some love by re-signing him. I would think that he would want to play for a coach like Payton. Of course money talks.....
Where's Donnie Edwards? I believe he will be a UFA next season. Lance Briggs would be th eyoung star to bring in.
Nate Clements is the young start to bring in. We probably won't be able to afford more then two big contracts, and one is going to Charles Grant. We should just look for value picks at LB and draft someone to build on.

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