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Oct 31, 2005
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There have been alot of impressive things about this team so far this season. To me, one of the most striking things is their ability to grind time off the clock:

Game 1 at Clev: up 2 with 11:13 left in the game, drive starts at the Saints 28 yd line. 5:28 later, Carney kicks a 20 yd FG to put Saints up 5.

Game 3 vs Atl: start of 3rd quarter, Saints up 20-3. Take 7:42 off the clock and kick a FG to essentially finish off the Falcons on that glorious Monday night.

Game 6 vs Phil: drive starts at Saints 15, run the final 8:26 off the game clock in moving to the Eagles 9, ending with game-winning 31 yd FG.

Game 8 at TB: up 14 with over 12 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, take 8:57 off the clock before punting the ball inside the Bucs 10 with 3:22 left.

Even in a losing cause, there was an impressive drive:

Game 4 at Car: late in the 3rd quarter down 7, Saints go on an 82 yd drive in 6:48, Deuce scores on a 3 yd run to put Saints up 10-7.
I agree.. that's been one of the most impressive things about our offense so far. Theres nothing more deflating to an opposing team's offense than having absolutely no control.
I've started Calling Sean Payton "Father Time" When he controls the clock like that, That type of gameplay is Blowing my mind!
Yes, that is a very impressive stat and shows that we can produce sustained drives something that has lacked in the past. I think it really speaks of the mental awareness of this team and it certainly must build confidence in the huddle with each play called. All of this "practice" with it in the regular season, if the playoffs are reached this will pay off big time.
I was laughing to myself thinking this had to be a "nickname the offense" thread.

That aside.....yes I agree with this post 100% But anything under 7 minutes isn't really that much of a big notable stat. The great drives last more than 7 mins and happen at the end of the game. They also happen vs traditionally stout defenses. (philly and tampa)
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