Colston & Henderson Go Over 100 Yards Today! (1 Viewer)

Colston is automatic. I don't think I've ever seen a rookie WR play as solidly as Colston (and I remember Jerry Rice's rookie season in the old NFC West). His emergence is huge. No disrspect to Joe but in the past when Horn went down the Saints WR production suffered mightily. Now with Colston if Horn goes down it isn't the disaster it was in the recent past.

But the real surprise today was - Devery Henderson. He's been hurt then not used so his production today was unexpected and amazing. Two TD's in the clutch.

Don't forget Drew Brees bouncing back from a horrible game last week to stellar game this week.
I knew Devery had a day like today in him. He just needs to stay on the field, and good things will happen for him and the O. Colston is a stud. Nuff said.
I made crow gumbo today!!!!
I added a little more garlic than usual, but.....
Devery, I am sorry ONCE AGAIN, for doubting you!!!!
I will NEVER, say anything against you for the rest of my life!!!
Please forgive me!!
Even if you drop 10 balls the rest of the year!!!
Thanks for your best game as a pro!!!
Most importantly, you helped OUR team get to 6-2.
Game ball from me!!!!

You are the shiznizzet!!!!
Thanks for your hard work, and your hands of glue!!!!

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