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Checked the first couple of pages, couldn't find anything. Last I heard, he was questionable but said he expects to play.

Anyone with anything recent (like last night or this morning) on this?

Payton said he was good to go against the birds, but they held him out just to give him some extra rest..... I would think he'd be good to go since Payton wants our boys to defend our home turf.
He needs to start. He provides a lot of consistancy in the passing game, and makes the offense that much harder to defend. And he's not going to win the ROY if he doesn't play

Also, just being selfish, my fantasy league is starting the playoffs this weekend, and I need him back. Deon Branch only got me 3 pts last night.
bump...hopefully we can find out later today if he practices..

I'm not sure, but on that video of the locker room after the game, I think Payton said they weren't going to practice until Wednesday.
Per Rotoworld this AM.

WR Marques Colston (ankle) said Monday that he's hoping to play in Week 13.

It sounds like Colston could have played at something less than 100 percent in Week 12, but the Saints decided against it.

Nothing earth shattering....that's about what I figured. I reckon we'll have to wait again.
Wery possible. If teams do practice on Tuesday, they usually get the morning off and do not practice until the afternoon. We will see.

Wery possible? Did a wascally wabbit tell you that?

j/k! You gotta hall pass bra??

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