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Oh and also we had a small earthquake here earlier this evening. At first I thought it might have just been the edible...then I got a few texts from people who live several miles away asking if I felt it as well. Hopefully it wasn't a "warning" because I am in no shape to escape the house tonight.
And there's been big ones in Idaho.
Really, this could be any night of the week now. Isolation is awful. I want to see my friends and be free again.
Who else is drankin'?
What are you drankin'?
Tonight is Moscow Mules for me.

Please let this thread go downhill fast.....the EE has been very lackluster lately.

Moscow Mules are good, especially in warmer climates. Used to have those during my lunch break. Moscow Mules, White Russians, and an occasional brown ale (either Newcastle or a local brand) were my beverage choices.

It took three hours to get into Costco on Thursday, the line up wrapped the whole building pretty much. Once inside, it was a pretty decent shopping experience. Home Depot had about a 15 minute line up.



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