Defense pitched a shutout in second half (1 Viewer)


So much 4 being rusty
Sep 2, 2006
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Houston, Texas
Big time props to the defense in this game. They looked awful last week but they responded with a very nice team effort in a must win game on the road. The front four played outstanding all game long. Will Smith finally looked like himself in this one and Grant was reeking havok too. Hollis was holding up well at the point of attack and Young was his usual active self.

The secondary gave up some big plays in the 2nd quarter, but overall they did a good job of keeping things in front of them.

I was very worried about this unit after last weeks performance, but I'm impressed with the way they responded. They were swarming to the ball and they tackled very well today. If they can keep this up, we have a great shot at the division.
The secondary is the only unit that did not play really well today. Every other phase dominated, well I guess I can't say the OL dominated seeing as there wasn't any daylight for our RB's.
The D line is playing awesome. I hope the FO re-signs Grant.

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