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Mar 6, 2002
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Is Deuce's knee a problem. He doesn't seem to be getting very many calls, and in my opinion is a much better back than Bush at this point? Unless he is injured, it doesn't make any sense to insist on Bush getting the calls.
Something has clicked for Bush after the Bucs game. I think he is soon going to explode for big gains regularly.... BUT I am also wondering why Deuce only gets the ball 10-12 times a game ?

i was thinking the same, something is up with Deuce knee a 100% Deuce would have gptten 20 touches today. when colston went out we saw right away joe was not a 100% he would have been the go to guy
I like deuce and all and wouldnt mind seeing him get some more touches, but as of the last 2 games I think Reggie has looked really good running the ball. I kinda like seeing Reggie taking over a little more of the workload
The Bengals seemed to know that Deuce was going to get the ball all three times when we had 1st and goal in the second half. When he got stopped on third down and we settled for the field goal, I knew that we still can't rely on our power running to win football games.

We needed some play action at some point on that last series if we were going to score the TD.

The run blocking MUST improve.
i wonder if coach has been taking it easy on the carries for duece so far this year, not to wear the knee down. i believe that payton is smart enough to know that he would be our best chance to win down the stretch.
If deuce would have gotten 20+ carries in each game this year there is no telling what shape his knee would be in.
If the knee is ok then we have an excellent RB that is fresh and ready to carry the load.

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